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Welcome! You may be court-ordered to receive counseling or perhaps you are seeking it on your own. Either way, we can help you. During regular business hours, please call to make sure we can get you scheduled, as our appointment calendars are very booked. We have day, evening and weekend hours. 760-715-0550. In the meantime, feel free to read this section and click on the link below to fill out the necessary forms to begin. Thank you!

No matter the type of counseling, counseling involves the process of change.

Court-Ordered counseling can be for various situations that might include conflict,

re-unification, or improvement of parent-child relationships in order that visitation can begin, there can be reunification, or overnights. Unlike many counselors, we are on the 'Approved Provider List' for San Diego, Riverside and Orange County courts, AND we write progress and update *letters on your behalf to the court, CPS, and attorney's with your request and consent. Please take the time and click here to fill out the online counseling enrollment form.

Private Mediation counseling​ is one-on-one counseling that helps you to either prepare for FCS (Family Court Services) = mediation, OR to discuss alternatives to going to court. With my years of experience, I can offer suggestions as to what would likely happen in court, considering your circumstances, and help make fair, unbiased recommendations in order to move forward in a peaceful way with your co-parent. Click here to fill out the forms for private mediation counseling. 

Individual counseling often begins with awareness of situations, attitudes and problems in a client's life that have caused stress or become overwhelming. I work with clients to examine existing patterns, and set goals for change. Sometimes clients choose to work on one or two very specific behaviors. Other times, clients work on deeper, long-standing issues that are causing current problems. I help clients to assume responsibility and take ownership of their part of the problem and work to resolve it. I provide research-based knowledge, helpful feedback and encouragement to continue working until there is significant positive change. Please take the time and click here to fill out the online counseling enrollment form. (Couples will each fill out this form separately.)

Family counseling can involve any or all members of a family, for all sessions or just for some. Many times this is a very effective way of resolving parenting problems, life stage issues, step-family problems, family loss or change, or any other situation that impacts all the family members. Children of all ages have a lot to offer and much to gain from being able to participate in a process that teaches better communication skills, and alternative ways of expressing difficult feelings.

Child counseling. Children of all ages may experience problems from time to time that require the intervention of a counselor. A parent being placed in jail, death or loss, or the fracturing of a family often puts children in between fighting adults, which can damage a child in many ways. Child counseling begins with a consultation with the child's caregiver(s) and many problems are best resolved simply by working with the child to allow healing, while at the same time working with the parents or caregivers to discuss communication methods to help the child, and new parenting and co-parenting strategies and skills. For young children who need help in dealing with trauma, expressing difficult feelings, or changing certain maladaptive behaviors, individual play therapy is sometimes indicated. Many teenagers feel most comfortable in talking about their concerns with the counselor on their own. (Counseling with children requires a special consent form signed by each parent. Click here for a printer-friendly version).

Substance abuse counseling begins as a structured set of sessions, usually between six and eight, where a preparatory inventory questionnaire is given to help each individual explore their own core beliefs, values and assumptions about life, responsibilities, relationships and families. The information gathered from the individual is analyzed and used in the counseling sessions to help the person identify and work through areas that make the client vulnerable to continued substance abuse. Many important topics are explored in depth. The client is expected to be accountable to homework between sessions and to be participating concurrently in a step-program. Help with finding a program is offered. The client is encouraged and eventually held responsible for building necessary skills and mindsets that allow them to be free from substances, be gainfully employed, have a good amount of emotionally supportive friends/family, follow court orders and experience a victorious life. Please take the time and click here to fill out the online counseling enrollment form.

Parenting & Co-Parenting Counseling and/or Coaching helps parents learn how to raise happy, cooperative, responsible children. All parents want the best for their children, but many do not know how to communicate with their children effectively. I help parents choose an appropriate parenting style that will work with the particular temperament of their child or children, and give them new skills and ideas to improve their parenting. I believe that all children deserve love, attention, and nurturing. I believe that a safe environment and consistent parenting allows children to grow, learn, feel confident, and be happy. Parents are the most important teachers and role models a child will ever have, and yet many parents just carry on the same broken parenting skills that were used on them, and end up feeling defeated, angry and at a loss. Parenting and Co-Parenting counseling covers everything from safety, education and wellness to discipline and communication – both with the child and other parent. The parent ends up with a wealth of skills and an ever growing confidence in their ability to parent. Click here to learn here and fill out the online parenting or co-parenting counseling/coaching enrollment form. (Although most parents interested in this type of counseling are seeking help by their choice, this does satisfy the Parenting Class requirement for Sunburst Academy and many other programs.)

**To enroll in our court-approved Parenting or Co-Parenting class for parents currently involved in a court case, click here!

*Fees and Details - Hourly fees are $120, and fees should be taken care of priorto sessions. You can use the PayPal link below or pay using Zelle, Venmo (@Heidi-McLain-3) or private check (filled out prior to your session). Report and letter writing fee is $90/hour, and there is a minimum of $180 fee that needs to be paid prior to starting. There is a $65 fee for missed appointments. If you are interested in pursuing counseling, please take the time and click here to fill out the counseling enrollment form. The information asked will help me better understand you and your reason for requesting counseling and enable me to help you more expediently. Please fill out the forms as completely and honestly as possible. All information is held in the strictest confidence and cannot be divulged to anyone without your written permission. Thank you!


Dr. Heidi McLain, PhD ~ Happy Heart Counseling
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